A Digital Age for the New Age

by Comix Chat Team
Digital Age for the New Age

Digital music and MP3 is the name of the new music scene. Anywhere you turn, you see people with IPods blazing into their earlobes. Students, adults, and grandparents are listening to the pure sound of emotions through their headphones. A sight that is so, different, that companies are finding ways to jump-start their businesses. Apple has become the number one provider. Using a business model that has helped them reach one-billionth download on February 15th. Apple has tapped into a universe that is different from what people have ever seen before.

iPods are selling as fast as Mp3s are, and why not, it is as easy as buying things over Amazon.


Moreover, the songs cost only 99 cents. Quality is as good as a CD. We all know that Digital Music file sharing is only a beginning. Music has always been the mood changer, and Apple has made that much more comfortable, to help people access their music that much more straightforward. Not only has Apple tapped into a new market, but it have also attracted a lot of competition.

Who doesn’t want to make money on consumers who spend millions, if not billions of dollars, by buying CDs? Not only do they make money from songs, but they can also connect advertisers to show off different products while consumers search for a CD, DVD, or even an audiobook. It has never been easy as it is today. The market keeps growing and expanding each year. It did not take long before Apple (iTunes) sold its one-billionth song through iTunes. I know that it is not the last; things are just heating up. It seems that with time, companies will realize that if you want to make real money without having to spend a gazillion dollars. It would be easier to join our team and the people who understand how e-business works.

Soon enough, they will start getting rid of CD stores, and the only thing that will stand is a sales sign that states, “For Sale.” The Internet is a new way to do business, and outsourcing music to the net is more comfortable than ever before. Why not save money and advertise for other products. Marketers are getting smarter the min, and they understand that consumers are on the internet more than they are walking around shopping malls. Who doesn’t want easy access to millions of albums and artists in one hot spot?

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