Another Wall Street Technology Bubble Brewing

by Comix Chat Team
wall street

Wall Street TechnologyJust in case you don’t have time to follow markets and the latest technology trends you may not have noticed the alarming stock prices of certain technology giants like Apple, which trades around $331 a share according to NASDAQ, Netflix which trades around $180 a share and Google which sells for around $600 a share.

In comparison, important companies like Lockheed Martin currently sell for $70 a share, Krogers $21 a share, and Exxon Mobile for around $74 a share. So either there is a supply shortage on overpriced technology timewasters, or someone is mucking up the price of certain stocks to create a bubble to cash in on.

You may have also missed that Goldman Sachs, supposed “market makers” who brought us investments that they knew were “crap” and then bet on the other side of those same “crappy investments” as they sold them to “uninformed” investors.

Those same folks, according to Bloomberg Business week Magazine, have just valued Facebook at $50 billion dollars, just in time for Goldman Sachs to offer investors another golden investment opportunity that will surely swell in price as ordinary investors wait to get a piece on the secondary markets.

wall street

Unfortunately, any company that is based on a free service, which Facebook is, the market value is tentative, to say the least, especially since they make their profits off selling their user’s private browsing habits to advertisers.

But, this is the new age of speculative markets, where supply and demand or what you produce if you produce anything at all, doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that if “market makers,” who collude with government regulators to allow sophisticated scams to be perpetrated on in-the-dark public investors, want to make billions on the back of a company?

Then that company will most likely be overvalued short term to reel in investors in order to drive up the price of the stock as it becomes available to the public, and then the same “market maker” who has an implicit incentive to see the price rise will sell their shares just in time to watch the bubble burst in our economy’s face.

Sound familiar? It should, Goldman Sachs and other unethical “market makers” destroyed our housing economy and almost sent the real economy sliding off a ditch. If it weren’t for our tax dollars, companies like Goldman Sachs wouldn’t even exist, something I definitely did not sign up for when I paid my taxes.

I think it is definitely time to keep a very skeptical eye on any technology stocks over the next 2-5 years, especially if shady-no-good “market makers” are pulling strings behind closed doors.

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