Apple: Top 10 Tech Achievements of 2007

by Comix Chat Team
Safari for Windows

The only black eye Apple received in 2007 was for the Apple TV, everything else the cutting-edge technology company did in 2007 turned into gold, and profits for the computer and new technology company. Here are the top 10 most notable achievements of Apple in 2007.

10. A Company By Any Other Name

Company By Any Other Name

In January of 2007, Apple Computer changed its name to Apple. While this seems like a straightforward and meaningless change, it was really one of their achievements for 2007. The dropping of the word “computer” from the name signals a strong move by the technology company to expand into other consumer gadgets and daily technology devices.

The iPhone was only the beginning of what we will see from Apple, as they continue to challenge the status quo and think outside the computer box.

9. MacBook Pro Still Strong

MacBook Pro Still Strong

With all the advancements and new products, the technology company achieved, their other products still get good reviews. One of the top computer review publishers still gives the MacBook Pro an “Excellent” rating. (

8. Safari for Windows

Safari for Windows

Mid-way through 2017, the technology company gave Windows users a gift: a beta version of Safari for Windows. Within two days of its release, more than one million users downloaded the free browser.

7. Mac OS X Leopard

Mac OS X Leopard

Despite the fact that the new Mac OS was delayed, the company reports sales of two million copies of Mac OS X Leopard in its first weekend.

6. iPod Nano

iPod Nano

The new iPod Nano benefits from the new gadget cuteness factor. In addition to being adorable and colorful, like new tech gadgets should be, the iPod Nano offers a better experience for the end-user.

Who wouldn’t want pocket-sized video? Not only is the display larger, but it is also 65 percent brighter according to the company’s website. Even the materials have been upgraded, and the new iPod Nano is made of “anodized aluminum and polished stainless steel.”

The iPod Nano also slimmed down to a mere 6.55 mm. Users are also happy that the battery life has improved, and the sound quality is quite a god.

The new iPod Nano, which comes in dreamy colors including a bright green and a bright Robin’s Egg blue.

5. All-in-One Mac

All-in-One Mac

The All-in-One Mac is an affordable, sleek, fast machine that could easily grace a desk or a TV stand. The monitor is big enough for movie watching, and the computer itself is everything a modern desktop should be: sleek, smooth, and powerful.

4. iPod Touch

iPod Touch

The iPod Touch integrated iPhone touch technology into its interface. The iPod Touch was released in September of 2007, just in time for holiday shopping. This new iPod also allows wireless access to the iTunes store.

3. Apple Stock Tops $200

Apple Stock Tops

Apple investors are partying hard with the realization that the stock has doubled in the past year. (Source: Apple stock charts for January 2016 and January 2017)

2. “Fourth quarter revenue of $6.22 billion.”

Revenue like that is an incredible achievement for the company, or for any business. The reported profit for that quarter according to the company’s website, was “$904 million, or $1.01 per diluted share.”

1. The iPhone


Why is the iPhone the number one Apple achievement of 2017?

Is it because it was the most popular Google search term in 2017?

Or because the only new gadget that out sold the iPhone in North America was the Blackberry? (Computerworld)

Or maybe Apple iPhone is number one because of everyone, including Gen-Y, wants one. According to Macworld, the iPhone was on the top of the Christmas wish lists of 13 to 25-year-olds in the United States.

Maybe it was the multi-touch function that made iPhone soar to the top.

All of these reasons have made the iPhone Apple’s number one greatest achievements in the year 2017, as well as being one of the top performances by Apple of all time.

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