The Importance of Encryption Technology

by Comix Chat Team
new multi-layer encryption key

Encryption Technology

With as many hackers that are currently running around the internet, our networks and data are no longer secure without encryption technology. It is essential to make sure that your financial and business information is safeguarded and protected from these hackers, this is why encryption technology is so important.

What Encryption Technology Means to us

Encryption is a very efficient method for scrambling information and securing data.

Whether it is an email that you send or a chat room that you are having a conversation with friends in, encryption technology will break up the whole data sequence and scramble it so that it makes it very difficult for hackers to get this information since it is given out and transformed into thousands of different symbols, numerals, and letters.

In this manner, you personal data will get safely stored on the hard disk or transferred across the internet via email or other types of online services. This will protect your identity and any other personal information and all the details when you process something through the internet.

new multi-layer encryption key

Different styles of Data Encryption

Software that does data encryption involves powerful mathematical algorithms which will break down information and scrambles it into text. This is what is called encrypted version, these can range anywhere between 16bits to 128bits size of a string.

Once the string of text is encrypted the only way it can be unlocked is by the computer or person that has the matching or corresponding string key, or if it is setup a password for the encryption. After a computer or authorized user unlocks the text with the correct key or software, they would be able to access the encrypted information.

On the internet, there are 2 different types of encryption methods, a public key and a private key is both used as a pair. The second key or private key is kept secret and is only used to unlock the information that is maintained in the encrypted string, the Public key is used by many people to code the key string that will be used to cipher the information.

Different styles of Data Encryption

Encryption Technology for Online Transactions – SSL Encryption

An SSL encryption also knows as Secure Socket Layer is currently one of the most efficient encryption technology for online transactions, most commonly these are used for banks, stores and a lot of internet based businesses. Most of these require a much stronger method of encryption, and this is where SSL comes in.


SSL encryption technology is the best way to safeguard electronic transactions, that are used to send back and forth between browsers for e-commerce purposes. Generally, when you are looking at your browser, it will show a secure connection be the address or a little padlock on the bottom right of your browser depending on what you use. In the address bar, it would look like https for a secure connection or HTTP for a nonsecure more traditional method of transactions.

If you are looking into purchasing a plan to protect your identity, then be sure to go with the most efficient encryption methods out there. SSL is one method that is very effective and a great way to solve your security issues.

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