Sharp 56″ Rear-Projection DLP HDTV Review

by Comix Chat Team
HDTV Sharp

Sharp 56

When you’re searching the market for a new television, there are several things you must remember. The most important of these is ensuring you have enough room in your home for the video you’re seeking. While many desire a large screen television, such as the Mitsubishi 73″ DLP HDTV, however, these televisions require you to sit at a minimum of eight feet away from the television.

If you do not have this much room, but you still desire a big-screen HDTV, then I would suggest looking into the Sharp 56″ HDTV, Model:

56DR650. This television features all of the major technologies and image enhancing features that make extra-large TVs so unique, but without the strict space requirements.
The first feature I want to discuss this television is the face that it is the perfect size for the majority of living rooms it would be placed in. Even if you have a smaller living room, this television will still allow you to watch your favorite movie and television show within it comfortably.

HDTV Sharp

With the demand for big-screen televisions on the rise, it is important that you choose a TV that can appropriately fit within your home. Another feature about this television that makes it worth your money is the fact that it has a display resolution of 1280 x 720, which allows you to watch high-definition programming in stunning clarity. When you have a television with such a high resolution as this one, the images will have the realistic detail to them that only an HDTV can provide you.

There are two different aspect ratios associated with this television. These include a 16:9 aspect ratio as well as a 4:3. With the 16:9 aspect ratio you will be able to enjoy real film-like qualities, which when combined with the pixel resolution you will have images that are clean and sharp.

There is also an adjustable color temperature system, which allows you to change the overall color hue of this TV. If you watch a wide variety of programming then you will enjoy this feature.


The audio system of this television is also quite impressive. With surround sound capabilities, the two 15-Watt speakers will fill any room with pristine sound. Since this television weighs 130 pounds, it is suggested that you place it within an area of your home that will require very little relocation. If you are looking for an advanced rear-projection television that meets the current trends of high-performance TVs, then I highly suggest this particular model.

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