Toaster Technology I Never Thought I’d Love

by Comix Chat Team

Toaster Technology

There are so many technological devices that help our lives be simpler and more entertaining. I am a fan of technology and utilize it every day, but sometimes I find myself laughing or mocking appliances or machines because I do not see what benefit they have for me. One such piece of technology I thought I would never use is very basic, it’s my toaster oven.

When my husband and I became engaged, we thought it would be a good idea to create a gift registry, so we headed down to the store, picked up a scanner and started “shopping.” When we got to the kitchen appliances, I didn’t foresee any trouble.

We added a blender and a microwave to the registry with no issues, then came the toasters. I just wanted a basic toaster, the jack-in-the-box kind where you put two slices in, push the lever, and they jump out when they are done. My husband wanted a full-fledged toasting machine, complete with removable racks and a tray for browning. This was a serious problem.


A toaster oven just seemed so over the top. After all, we had a microwave on the list, and who eats more than two pieces of toast at a time anyway? My husband put his foot down, the toaster oven would be on the list. I could add my toaster too if I wanted, but I huffed and grumbled and scanned the beast of a toaster oven to add it to the registry, and we continued to bath towels.

Of course, someone bought this overgrown toasting technology as a gift for our wedding. So I huffed and grumbled some more and packed it into the moving truck, then set it up on the counter in the new apartment. Begrudgingly I learned how to make toast, I think I may have even used the special browning tray once or twice during that first year or two.

Then, finally, after 5 years of marriage, I grew to love this toaster oven. I could never go back to just two pieces of toast. I find myself toasting a whole plate of toast, making garlic bread and reheating leftovers. In fact, I think I now use the toaster oven more often than the microwave, which is pretty incredible considering my cooking skills started out with the ability to nuke a corn dog.


Whether the technology we use is brand new or time-tested, it always pays to give it a try. I still tend to scoff at things if they seem a little different or excessive, but by being open to new things, and exploring what is available, I find that I discover new tools that I just can’t live without.

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